The Reconditioned Kenwood Chef By Kenmix Engineering
  The Reconditioned Kenwood Chef         By Kenmix Engineering

Terms and Conditions

All completed appliances or attachments remain the property of Kenmix Engineering and will not be released for dispatch until paid for in full. Failure to settle final invoices after a period of 3 months will result in the machine being auctioned to recover costs.

 Kenmix Engineering does not accept responsibility for any loss or damage in transit to machines when collected due to insufficient packing as it is the customers responsibility to pack and pad out thoroughly for safe transit. Any replacement parts due to insufficient packaging will be chargeable. 

 Kenmix Engineering will accept responsibilty for dealing with any damage on re-delivery through the insurance taken out to cover any unlikely transit damage.

Should you wish to arrange your own courier for collection of your machine, Kenmix Engineering will not be held liable for any transit damage that may occur.

 Quotations given over the phone are firm standing quotations and will be assessed by the information given / taken by customer and Kenmix Engineering, but it is up to yourselves the customer to highlight missing or broken parts pre quote as this will invalidate the quotation and these will be chargeable as extra if not mentioned at the time and invoiced on the final invoice.

 Once an order has been placed and your machine has been collected, should you wish to cancel the order, you will be liable to the collect, return postage and packaging fees. There will also be a 15% charge to cover administration.

 Should you choose a colour and then make changes to your specifications after your appliance has been resprayed, you will be charged for the change of colour at £26.50 per colour to cover the time and materials required.

 Your warranty will be voided if the machine supplied is misused, overloaded or the warranty label is removed from the inner wall of the pedestal. The warranty will only cover the work carried out as per the initial works order by Kenmix Engineering. PLEASE SEE WARRANTY SECTION

 Your warranty expires at midnight on the date shown on the warranty label affixed to your machine pre-return.

 Your Paypal paperwork is your proof of purchase and your final invoice is your final paperwork. It will be necessary to print and retain both deposit and final invoice.

 If you purchase your machine through eBay, you will receive only as stated in the listing with no extras supplied. Any additional requirements will be charged at the agreed rate between Kenmix Engineering and buyer.

 Orders are placed in a queuing system and therefore deposit invoices are raised in order of the queuing system.

 You will be invoiced for 50% of the value of the standard costs via paypal on initial order  with the final balance being due on completion which will include any extra work or replacement parts agreed pre works.

 Your deposit invoice will be kept on the system for 7 days and should you fail to settle this invoice, it will be cancelled and you will lose your place in the order queue. Your machine will not be collected until the deposit is paid unless by prior agreement.

 Re-order will result in the entire cost being due before your order is accepted and your place reinstated to the back of the queue.

 Estimated time scale to complete an order is 'estimated' and you will be updated should there be a delay in completion. Any issues with the machine will be explained via a phone call and any replacement parts required will be advised. Worn existing parts will be available for inspection if required.

 Any machines ready for dispatch will be advised accordingly and the final invoice raised. Failure to settle the invoice will result in the machine being dispatched on the next dispatch day. Final invoices will be raised and sent 48 hours before intended dispatch to allow sufficient settlement time.

Warranties will be immediately down graded to 3, 6 or 12 months if your appliance is used within a commercial or industrial environment. They are not built for this kind of heavy work. Commercial kitchens require commercial machines.


Order Progressing

Due to the intensity of the rework to these machines, timescale is an estimate. Your machine will not be released until it passes all the relevant tests. The preparation work, pre re-spray is time consuming, as is the cleaning of all the original assembly parts and fasteners. Please take this into account. 95% of the work involved to satisfy your order is preparation, test and inspection.

Machines are worked on in batches of 10 at a time, depending on models and space they take up. This means 10 will be stripped, de-coated, body castings re-sprayed, parts cleaned, motors and gearboxes reconditioned before reassembly

The restoration is very thorough, taking into account the warranty that is applied to each and every machine. They will be released when they are complete and have passed tests.


By placing your order, you are accepting that timescale is an estimate and that this can vary according to the workload and intensity of other machines.


At Kenmix Engineering, a full resdtoration or full service means exactly that, which is why we take UK leadership in Kenwood food mixer restorations and service/repairs.


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