The Reconditioned Kenwood Chef By Kenmix Engineering
  The Reconditioned Kenwood Chef             By Kenmix Engineering

a700 Chefs and a706 Majors

Kenmix Engineering is the only company now in The UK to service and restore this model.


This particular model is both intricate and specialised and can take up to 30 to restore and 15 to service correctly. Kenmix Engineering takes UK leadership in the reconditioning and servicing of these particular machines. In the case of the a700a/a706a and a700b/a706b models, it is both completely unsafe and non conforming to current regulations to leave any original wiring and components as per original manufacture, in place. The toaster element style wirewound resistor attached to the side of the motor should not be left in place. every restoration of these machines includes a purpose built by hand circuit board with up to date conforming components. Both safe, concealed and tidy. In the case of the a700d/a706d, although the component layout is different, the same safety procedures apply.


The wiring to the field coil 99% of the time is either soft and sticky or has hard and cracked sheathing. This is a lengthy process to address and make safe and requires intricate skill, extensive knowledge and receives extreme attention to detail with regards to safety. 

Specialist Paint Applications

Despite what other companies state, the plastic parts of your machine can be painted successfully if the correct preparation is carried out and the correct primer and top coats are used. 


This has been and continues to be a proven fact, by customer satisfaction and correct body shop procedures.


It is also possible to colour coat the planetary hubs/ metal or plastic to any colour. This includes 3 primes, 2 top colour coats and 1 clear lacquer. Not available for chrome plated planetary hubs.


The cost for this is £18.75 in addition to the restoration

Circuit Board Repairs.

The curcuit boards for certain models are expensive to replace. Successful experiments now offer a board repair service. Apart from still updating the components as standard since the business was launched, it is now possible to repair broken tracks on the printed curcuit board of any Chef or Major pre year 2001.

This is in addition to the restoration process and will not impose an additional charge



Colour Matching (Spray Shop)

Over the last few months, some customers have asked for a colour match to certain things, ie to a tile, wall colour, kitchen units, even a business card background colour,.......


More often than not, this is possible to a shade or 2 either way but it is as per rule of thumb, extremely close.


This is far too expensive for a scan match but by mixing a few colours together, anything from 2 or 3 to 9 or 10, its worth the investment. There are  approximately 190 colours in stock to carry this out including a wide range of metallics, heavy and fine. 


The cost for this is an additional £18.00 to the restoration for either standard or metallic finish

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