The Reconditioned Kenwood Chef By Kenmix Engineering
  The Reconditioned Kenwood Chef             By Kenmix Engineering

Privacy Policy, Consumer Data Protection and Consent.

Please be advised that as a customer, certain data will be held on file during the contract of works and will be permanently deleted on completion of works or on no order taken. Other data may remain on file permanently. This will be work history, warranty and invoices. No payment card details are retained




The "Contact us" form requires you to submit your name, email address and phone numbers. This information will be held on file until your enquiry has been answered. Should you not wish to place an order, your details will be deleted. Should you place an order, your details will be held on file throughout the duration of works after which they will be deleted. These will be, name, address, email address and phone numbers.


Your name and contact numbers will also be saved to the company mobile phone until completion of works, after which, they will be deleted.


Payment by cheque will submit details of your name, sort code and account number. Due to this, payment by cheque is no longer accepted.


PARCELFORCE (Courier, collection and delivery)


Upon arrangement of collection, your name, collection address and preferred telephone number will be passed onto PARCELFORCE where they will then come under the privacy policy of PARCELFORCE.




Any monetry tranactions will come under your own bank or card issuer privacy policies. When making a payment via bank transfer, you will be required to use your name and works order number as a reference. Only your name, works order number and amount paid will be visible.




When visiting this website, your internet IP address will be visible by the website host and this comes under your network provider and Ionos internet privacy policies. Please be aware that your data may be shared with our service provider by means of site cookies and this may be shared with third party organisations for which Kenmix Engineering accept no responsibilty.


As the consumer, please be aware that you may come under one or more of the privacy policies above throughout the duration of contract and works and that by placing your order, you consent to the above and will not hold Kenmix Engineering responsible for any breaches of privacy via organisations or media / online services.



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