The Reconditioned Kenwood Chef By Kenmix Engineering
  The Reconditioned Kenwood Chef             By Kenmix Engineering

Workshop Process

Below you will see the workshop process of all the services we offer from Servicing and Repairs to a Complete Refurbishment.

You will see virtual galleries of the various and different processes that take place and also of our spray shop. You will see that only top quality replacement parts are used, be they new or reconditioned and the galleries will show you from start to finish, the refurbishment process.

Our service is so good, we are confident enough to be able to place a 12 month warranty on all of our refurbished and fully serviced machines and a 12 month warranty on all of our partially serviced and repaired machines.

Refurbishment Process

Below you will see our virtual gallery of the various stages of a Full Refurbishment. You will see clearly the quality of service we offer.


In the gallery below, you will see the standard of metal polishing we can obtain. Some stainless bowls we receive are dented, bent or have distorted rims. With re-work and satine brush polishing, we are able to bring these bowls back to at least reasonable or in most cases, prestigne condition.

Using special light abrasives and polishes, the bacolite outlet covers and other plastic parts of the a700 series can be brought back to a shine. Although it is possible to respray the liquidiser outlet and slow speed covers of the a700 series, it isn't recommended for the speed controller. Polishing keeps these original.

This also applies with the aluminium and stainless steel tooling as you will see for yourself.


Below is our virtual gallery of the repair process we offer. We carry out repairs no matter how small to keep these food mixers running and give them continuous life. We take pride in the service we offer. We recommend that repairs be carried out as soon as possible on fault diagnosis to maintain the smooth running of your machine.


Vintage Kenwood Mixers are built with some of the best engineering techniques. Lifespan over so many years has proved this and it is essential to carry out annual servicing to maintain this engineering standard and give your food mixer continued life.

Our Full Servicing will maintain the quality of your machine and ensure continued and smooth running with the reliability and peace of mind you would expect from such high standard engineering.

Spray Shop

We use only the best quality paints and equipment to ensure the perfect finish. Please browse through the gallery and you will see the re-spray process from start to finish, from paint removal to final top coat re-enamelling

Postage and Packaging

If you have purchased a service from us, you would have experienced first hand, the quality of our packaging materials and postal service. You will see below, the consistent packaging techniques used to ensure safe delivery of your consignment.

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