The Reconditioned Kenwood Chef By Kenmix Engineering
  The Reconditioned Kenwood Chef             By Kenmix Engineering

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  • A Stevenson (Thursday, April 23 20 12:48 pm BST)

    After 40 years of service my Kenwood Chef was in need of some tlc. Mike has done a super job in servicing and refurbishing the machine ready for another 40 years work. Mike kept me informed throughout the work.

  • Nicola (Thursday, April 23 20 02:53 pm BST)

    I’m as pleased as punch My grandmother’s 1952 Kenwood Chef is as good as new. Perfect timing with lockdown in place. Thank you Mike for such a brilliant job and your customer liaison is second to none.

  • Shona Sutherland (Thursday, April 23 20 06:10 pm BST)

    My beloved Kenwood, which had certainly seen better days, was well in need of some TLC, and no better place for it to receive that than at Kenmix Engineering! Excellent customer service and a beautifully serviced machine, with new parts, delighted to have my machine back in use!

  • Tim Parham (Thursday, April 23 20 06:22 pm BST)

    Mike can work wonders with old Kenwood Mixers
    Bought one from eBay naively thinking I could plug it and use it
    Not for a 60:year old machine
    All good as new now

  • Anne kendell (Thursday, April 23 20 08:05 pm BST)

    Absolutely over the moon with my kenwood Chef that Mike restored and mended after it blew up . It was my late mums 1969 model . It’s had a full refurbishment and I must say the photos on your site do not do them justice ! I picked the colour which was a fabulous metallic blue and it looks amazing ! Thank you so much ! What a star you are x

  • Libby lawson (Thursday, April 23 20 09:17 pm BST)

    I’ve had 2 old kenwood majors restored by kenmix. They were both in their 20s and now run perfectly again! No hesitation in recommending to others, prompt friendly service.

  • Seamus (Friday, April 24 20 07:41 am BST)

    I have 2 of Mike's refurbished Chef's, a model A700 and 700b. Both came back literally as good as when they left the factory in Woking 60+ years ago. Mike is also happy to document the full restoration process on his website so you know exactly what you are paying for - not all other restorers do this which says something in my opinion.
    I have a 701a waiting to go when funds permit and I'm sure it won't be the last 🙂.

  • Nicola Cocking (Friday, April 24 20 09:33 am BST)

    Overjoyed with my beautiful kenwood, Mike sourced a machine and customised it to my exact requirements. Mike updated me regularly going above and beyond to make my
    Special kenwood even better than I could have imagined.
    I cannot recommend him and Kenmix engineering highly enough! Thanks Mike I love my machine so much.

  • Seamus Ellis (Friday, April 24 20 12:10 pm BST)

    What Mike doesn't know Chef wise isn't worth knowing. I've got 2 refurbished A700s he's done and they truly are better than new. He's the only refurbisher that puts photos on his site of the restoration process as far as I'm aware which says a lot I think.

  • Helen Twydell (Friday, April 24 20 02:53 pm BST)

    Amazing service from Mike. I had my Gran’s old A707A which mysterious blew up the day she was being interred (!!) and he absolutely transformed it. It’s now blue / black and silver and looks incredible. Just wish my Gran could have seen it.

  • Jim Eldridge (Monday, April 27 20 09:30 am BST)

    I cannot praise Mike and his work on repairing our much-loved Kenwood Major enough. With it's motor gone, we thought it was finished. No-one held any hope of repair, until we discovered Mike at Kenmix. Superb work, brilliant customer contact & service. The absolute best.
    I would advise anyone with a Kenwood needing work, look no further than Kenmix Engineering.
    Thankyou, Mike.

  • Derek Murphy (Monday, April 27 20 09:27 pm BST)

    Outstanding service mike, used my mixer this afternoon after it arrived back this morning. Thank you for all your help.

  • Jim Eldridge (Tuesday, April 28 20 09:17 am BST)

    I cannot praise Mike at Kenmix Engineering too highly. Our much-loved 35 year old Kenwood Major had given up the ghost, its motor burnt out, and all the firms and organisations we spoke to told us there was nothing to be done except dump it. The, fortunately, we discovered Kenmix Engineering. Not only did Mike tell us he could repair it, he kept us updated throughout the repair process. We now have our Kenwood Major back in our kitchen, looking and working even more wonderfully than before. Thankyou, Mike You are a Kenwood wizard.

  • Joanne Gamester (Tuesday, April 28 20 05:48 pm BST)

    We bought a beautiful old Kenwood Chef at a jumble sale in the 1980s amd it has sat in our loft ever since. We kept it for its superior quality and design but had given up hope of making use of it and we were about to get rid of it when I found Mike on the internet. Thank you Mike for doing a lovely job. I am so pleased with it. The paint job is fabulous and it works fine and I'm sure will outlast the new mixer I had been planning to buy. I.m sure it will outlast me too!

  • Frank (Friday, May 01 20 08:27 pm BST)

    Brilliant service! My 50 year old A901 is running perfect!

  • Irene Atkinson (Saturday, May 02 20 08:41 pm BST)

    Brilliant job my Kenwood A901 is 50 years old and is now in perfect condition. Just sorry I did not know about you when we disposed of my daughters A701 that she had acquired

  • Andrew (Monday, May 04 20 10:43 am BST)

    Mike restored a A700D mixer I brought off eBay. I love the design of the A700 mixer compared with the modern counterparts. I went for a very bold Orange and the restore was better than I expected. So if you have any doubts, don't as Mike will do a fantastic job.

  • Chris Varnals (Thursday, May 07 20 08:45 pm BST)

    We entrusted our well used and rather elderly Kenwood A701 Mixer to Mike's tender loving care. We wanted a refurbishment that made the machine as good as new and serviceable for many more years to come.We were impressed by Mike's enthusiasm and in depth knowledge of the machines in his care. He kept us fully informed throughout the time that he had the machine and even checked on progress following dispatch to ensure that it reached us safely. We were more than delighted with his workmanship and would recommend Kenmix to anyone who wants to get their mixer restored to full health.
    A really great job and a machine capable of running on for many more years.

  • Seamus Ellis (Saturday, May 09 20 09:54 pm BST)

    Mike is the only guy I'd consider when it comes to Chefs. I have 2 of his amazing restorations , both of which are the A700 type. They are both as good as when they came off the production line in Woking 60 odd years ago!!

  • Lyn Saunders (Tuesday, June 16 20 07:30 pm BST)

    Really pleased with the work Mike has done on my 45 year old Kenwood Chef. As a wedding present from my mother in law I had kept it despite having purchased a newer model. I then saw a TV program about Mike and decided to contact him. My original machine is now restored and looking great! Thank you Mike.

  • Lorna (Friday, June 19 20 05:29 pm BST)

    So pleased to have my Kenwood back. Thank you very much for everything. Arrived home less than 24 hours after you had dispatched it.

  • Joanne George (Wednesday, July 01 20 07:21 pm BST)

    My late mum’s well-loved Kenwood Chef mixer - at least 50 years old but just like new again after a fab restoration by Mike. She’s ready for another 50 years . Thank you Mike!

  • Malcolm Jamieson (Friday, August 28 20 12:38 pm BST)

    ( Friday, August 28th 2020 12 noon )
    We have just received our orange Kenwood chef that we purchased in the queen’s jubilee year 1977, when we sent it to mike the paint work was chipped and tatty motor burnt out gearbox clapped out and various bits and pieces missing,but today it arrived like brand new absolutely fabulous like the day we brought it home from the showroom,thank you mike for all your hard work and keeping us up to date regularly your a master craftsman. Kind regards Malcolm.

  • Carole Green (Friday, August 28 20 08:42 pm BST)

    Absolutely fabulous refurbishment..could not have had better service anywhere..Mike you are a genius and your customer service and updates could not have been are a 5 star company and I would recommend you to anyone. My dear old Kenwood will outlive me now..THANK YOU so much Mike I really appreciate all you have done x

  • Sheila Fernandes (Thursday, September 10 20 05:43 pm BST)

    Just received my 46 year old Kenwood Chef which has been completely refurbished. It looks just like it did the day my parents were given it. Thrilled to bits with the result.Keep up the good work!

  • Judith crawford (Wednesday, October 28 20 02:24 pm GMT)

    My very old Kenwood has just been given a new lease of life. Thanks to Mike’s perseverance and skill it has returned in full working order and looking like new! Thank you Mike.

  • Anthony Pratt (Friday, October 30 20 11:50 pm GMT)

    I am very happy with the work Mike has done to restoring both my A701a and A901e Kenwood chef mixers. They both look brand new mixers. I am also happy with the servicing that that Mike has done to my A532 Kenwood food processor.

  • Lyn Blake (Saturday, October 31 20 10:10 am GMT)

    I’ve had my Kenwood for 46 years and it was second hand when I was given it. I’ve never had it serviced in all that time. Mike has done a fantastic job in servicing it and the machine is working so much quieter than it did before.
    Can not recommend this Company highly enough, Mike kept me informed at every stage from start to finish (during the very difficult times with COVID) his communications are second to none and he has given my old girl a new lease of life. THANK YOU MIKE.

  • Fiona Hughes (Monday, November 02 20 11:21 am GMT)

    Took delivery of my KENWOOD CHEF MODEL A701A last week. The KC machine given to me by my mum is now over 53 years old!! So was hoping the service of the KC was going to be a success. Used KC at weekend to assist making a cake. Was delighted with results machine worked perfectly and loved using it. Loved the cake too!
    So thank you Mike for breathing new life into what was an old tired piece of kitchenalia. Fantastic service. Thanks again.

  • Janet Coles (Wednesday, January 13 21 12:34 pm GMT)

    Rather a late post...but better late than never! On 8 August I drove from Worcester to Gosport to seek out help for my Kenwood mixer, overburdened and poorly from too much bread making during the lockdown. It was 33deg and a Saturday but Mike greeted me cheerily, and set to work. Suffice it to say he worked a miracle! He is a complete master of Kenwoods ancient and modern and I can’t recommend him highly enough. So a very belated thanks Mike - each time I use my Kenwood I say to myself I’ll post a message and this time I’ve actually managed it!

  • Elisabeth Milne (Sunday, January 17 21 10:29 am GMT)

    My Kenwood Major KM 250 stopped working at the end of 2020 after 27 years. After a bit of searching on the internet I rather foolishly decided to deliver it to the closest authorised Kenwood repair centre (a 2 hour round trip) for repair. A week later I got a call telling me that it needed a new speed controller but that Kenwood no longer made the relevant part. They offered to dispose of the machine for me. I said that I would collect it and see if someone else could fix it for me. After another 2 hour round trip to retrieve it (still in bits as they claimed to be too busy to put back together again) I contacted Mike to see if he could help. I sent the mixer off to him just before Christmas and got it back early in the new year. It’s been working flawlessly since. I’m delighted with the service and really pleased that the machine could be repaired as it was a much loved wedding present from my late mother-in-law.

  • Annette Smith (Friday, April 16 21 09:00 am BST)

    My Kenwood machine needed repair. Mike kept me informed and worked a minor miracle. Machine has now been in use for a year and is working perfectly, thank you so much

  • James Morse (Saturday, May 15 21 12:53 pm BST)

    Absolutely outstanding restoration work to my a701a by a very nice well mannered and skilled 'engineer'. Probably one of the best experiences. I can't believe the finish. Thank you Mike for everything. Now I can see why you are so booked up if you turn out work like this. I will certainly recommend you.

  • Mary Marshall (Wednesday, June 16 21 06:15 pm BST)

    Thank you so much Mike. My Kenwood age 40 plus years has come back and looks like new. I haven’t had time to use it yet but am totally confident that it will be in excellent working order. Thank you again.

  • Anthony Pratt (Tuesday, June 22 21 11:13 pm BST)

    I sent both my Kenwood Chef excel mixers A902 and KM210 in for a service and I am very happy with work Mike has done to both machines. They both work fantastic and a massive thank you to Mike for servicing both my excel mixers. Mike is restoring a KM201 model for me at the present time and I am really looking forward to having it back after it has been serviced.

  • Anthony Pratt (Friday, July 02 21 11:03 pm BST)

    I have just had my Kenwood Chef KM210 and A902 excel mixer both serviced by Mike and the work he has done on both machines is fantastic. They both work perfectly well. I have also just had a KM201 model restored by Mike and it looks so beautiful and works perfectly well. I want to say a massive thank you to Mike on work he has done on my 3 Kenwood Chef machines. I really appreciate the work he has done on them.

  • Louise Gibson (Thursday, July 29 21 02:26 pm BST)

    I was given a kenwood chef a901 and it needed a little tlc. I sent it off to Mike who has been so helpful from start to finish. I received it back yesterday after having it's makeover. It's been serviced and had a new paint job in colours to match my kitchen.
    I am over the moon with the results and can't wait to use it again l. Thank you again Mike for such a great service 😃

  • Linda Taylor (Sunday, September 19 21 07:32 pm BST)

    What Mike doesn't know about Kenwood mixers isn't worth knowing! He restored my old mixer to work like like new in 2018 and last week went out of his way to help with a repair. Excellent service! Thank you Mike.

  • John Brewster (Monday, October 11 21 03:06 pm BST)

    I rang to ask a question about a replacement part. What can I say, I have never had or expected such a great service. Really great to see and why, if and when I can I will support these great businesses. Mike thanks again.

  • Ray (Wednesday, October 13 21 10:49 pm BST)

    Mike has done a fantastic restoration on my 901. The Mrs is absolutely made up. This mixer has a big sentimental value to us as it was my mums. A really nice experience from start to finish and the work couldn't of been done by a nicer bloke. Mike, thanks so much. All the best mate from Ray and Denise

  • Sioned Richards (Thursday, October 14 21 10:01 pm BST)

    We are delighted with our 1960s Kenwood refurb. Mike clearly takes pride in his work, it looks amazing. Very pleased and would highly recommend.

  • Anthony Pratt (Saturday, November 20 21 10:45 pm GMT)

    I sent both my Kenwood A532 food processor and my Kenwood FP555 in for a service and repair 5 months ago. They were both in a poor state when I sent them in. The A532 casing had melted but I managed to get a cheap A532 Kenwood food processor to send to Mike and he used this as the casing for the A532 food processor that had been repaired and I got a spare A532 motor out of this which I am saving for spares. Mike has done a fantastic job on both of my food processors and I got them both back in August. They both work perfectly.

  • Bill Grey (Friday, December 03 21 04:36 pm GMT)

    Mike is no doubt a professional who pays thorough and extreme attention to detail. Collection was arranged on a day suitable to us with tracking details sent by text. Parcelforce collected on time. Mike called when he received our mixer. Service carried out to a very high standard. Mixer received back very clean and working very nicely and sounds much quieter. very nicely packed and return tracking details by text. Mike is just a very nice man who clearly enjoys his work. He was very honest when we placed our order of a 6 month wait due to his very heavy work load. Everything honest, reliable and very pleasant. I would do this all over again without any doubt.

  • Andrew Tate (Monday, February 07 22 09:49 pm GMT)

    I can’t speak highly enough of Kenmix Engineering. Faced with a difficult repair due to unavailability of spares, Mike proposed a modification to the mixer which enabled him to avert a write-off and produce a machine in full working order. Communication was good throughout and KE deserve a 5 star rating.

  • Heather and Chris Baker (Wednesday, March 23 22 11:40 am GMT)

    A soothing hum fills the kitchen every time I switch on my Kenwood A700D. (Meaning that making cakes has the benefit of mindfulness training!) It gleams, now fully restored, and is once again woman-enough to contend with charity cakes and blender wild garlic pesto and fresh ground tikka masala.
    Everything about my gleaming Restoration Kenwood Chef whispers quality. So I can well believe that 60 years ago, when it was manufactured, this was a kitchen revolution taking the tedium out of women’s lives - provided their husbands indulged them, I’ve heard they cost something like a full month’s salary! I’ve heard stories from friends who go misty-eyed as they recall how their mums never went a day without using their Kenwood.
    Like a vintage Aston-Martin or DB7, the Chef is a miracle of engineering, easy-to-use and does-everything, which seems to have sprung perfectly-formed from the garage of engineering genius Ken Wood. 60 years on, my machine happily fits modern blender and grinder attachments. What a testament to British engineering post-war engineering!
    And judging by results, I’d say modern equivalents don’t hold a candle to original Kenwoods. So definitely this was a worthy restoration of a derelict machine costing a tenner at a boot fair.
    Mike performed what can only be called a labour of love to breathe life back into my Kenwood. Ingenuity, creativity, patience, a lifetime’s experience and an archive of spare parts went into bringing it back to life.
    So caps off to Mike, along with an affectionate hug and thanks, not only from me but from all the happy eaters now lining up for more cakes. The result is a spectacular addition to my kitchen (full otherwise of boot-fair old copper!) and if the restoration journey was a little long, Mike made it pleasant by ringing with progress reports.
    Five stars Mike!

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