The Reconditioned Kenwood Chef By Kenmix Engineering
  The Reconditioned Kenwood Chef             By Kenmix Engineering

Kenmix Engineering.

"Re-engineering Standards"

History of The Kenwood Chef

Kenmix Engineering offers a Full Restoration, servicing and general repairs service to both Vintage and Modern Kenwood Chef and Major Food Mixers. The work carried out will be to a very high standard with a very high regard to electrical and mechanical safety, by a professional engineer and the warranty attached to your machine after works, are complete, documented and carved in stone which in any event, is 3 years

Our service is second to none and we take pride in the 'Elite Service' offered throughout the United Kingdom and Overseas.

With the ever increasing re-introduction of vintage style products with retro colour schemes, or restored back to original, these machines are as increasingly popular as the fashion itself.

Kenmix Engineering specialising in Refurbished Kenwood Chef Food Mixers. May 'Old Fashion' and 'New Fashion' unite with the reliability of robust engineering.

Please take a thorough tour through our website to see the services offered.


The Kenwood Food Mixer was first introduced in the mid to late 40's by Mr Kenneth Wood and the first model was the Kenwood Minor Deluxe. Into and throughout the 50's came the A700, a700b and a700D being introduced more as a kitchen machine rather than just a basic food mixer. Since then and throughout the years, many models have been produced right up to the modern day, ie, the a701 in the 60's - 70's and the a901 in the 70's - 80's, the excel in the 80's, KM200 / 300 in the 90's and so on. These are just a few examples.

The construction is solid, long lasting and the engineering is reliable and durable. The machines have endless capabilities.

The Kenwood Food Mixer was named 'The Worlds Best Food Mixer' A very accurate and well proven statement.

Kenwood were originally based in Woking as 'Kenwood Manufacturing Co. Ltd, and re-located to New Lane, Havant in the early 60's due to growth.

Kenwood joined into The De-Longhi Group very early millenium and most if not all manufacturing is carried out overseas.

The Vintage Kenwood Food Mixer is still proven to be a reliable well engineered machine, even after 60 years.

Kenwood Chef Mixers are as versatile today as they were during the 50's - 60's to modern day and are still a 'Must Have' in the kitchen. The engineering really is self explanatory to anyone who owns a Kenwood Food Mixer.

About Us

Kenmix Engineering was established in 2012 with the first repair candidate being purchased at a boot sale for £5.

Due to reputation, the business has grown from year to year and is now globally recognised for the exclusive involvement of repairs, servicing and restorations to Kenwood food mixers, specialising in only this and have been involved with various television media including the supply of a Kenwood Chef a700d for the BBC4 programme 'Back In Time For Dinner'and the a701a for the BBC4 production of The Reassembler' featuring James May. Also we have had various photo shoots for Countrylife magazine, The Daily Mail, The Times, Waitrose Weekend magazine and we were recently featured in an exclusive interview with 'That's TV (Thats Solent), all of which can be found on Google and You Tube. Currently, 23 September 2019, the BBC1 production

' Inside out South' featured us. Please also visit Kenmix Engineering on facebook to view live streams of work carried out.


Our service includes a complete and thorough electrical, mechanical and cosmetic refurbishment of these machines and all work including dismantling, bead blast paint removal, respray, motor and gearbox rebuild is carried out in house as well as any metal polishing. Throughout our website, you will be guided through the stages of refurbishment  and this is explained in more detail with photos. You will also learn more about Kenmix Engineering and the services offered and we hope you enjoy your tour. You will not find a more thorough service. 

Specialist Services

 Kenmix Engineering is the only restoration organisation to specialise in the refurbishment of Kenwood  a700a, b and d Chefs and 706a, b and d Majors to the thorough level of service provided . By choosing us, you will be assured of a mechanically and electrically safe machine for many years. Please see restoration process on the refurbishments, servicing and repairs page for more details. No other restoration organisation will match our reliabilty with safe re-engineering of these fantastic machines. This also applies to 701, 901, 902/904 and KM Chefs and 707, 717, 907 and KM Majors. No other company apart from Kenmix Engineering will attach a 3 year warranty with any restoration or 2 year warranty on any full service or motor / gearbox repair..Please see our genuine feedback comments for more information and peace of mind and visit Kenmix Engineering on Facebook and @kenmixeng on Twitter.

Please also see this link for Kenmix Enginerrings exclusive interview.


By todays standards of manufacturing, it is almost certainly guaranteed that anything you buy new is made in China or similar countries. The standards of quality are very poor but the price is outrageous. Would it not be a better idea to invest in your existing machine, knowing how long it has served you, knowing it will offer you the same service. To replace your machine, especially if it has a reasonable quantity of attachments would be phenomenal. Further to this, if it's a family heirloom or a wedding present or similar, wouldn't it be nicer if the life of something that has been so valuable to another family member could be restored or serviced back to it's original working order for you to enjoy?

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