The Reconditioned Kenwood Chef By Kenmix Engineering
  The Reconditioned Kenwood Chef             By Kenmix Engineering

Do I Buy Used, Reconditioned or New?

Kenwood Chef and Major Food Mixers are becoming increasingly popular and at Kenmix Engineering, at least 220 machines pass through the workshop on an annual basis.

Frequently Asked Questions Are

Do I have my machine repaired or shall I buy a new one? / What are the advantages of having my machine reconditioned? / Is it cost effective?

This is purely down to personal choice. Most machines that come into the workshop hold sentimental value. (It was mums or nans or an aunts. A wedding gift, an anniversary present...........)

These machines are so fantastically, in fact 'over' engineered which is why they work even after so many years. Like anything, particularly if it has a plug fitted, there comes a time where the appliance needs attention, sometimes it even needs replacing. Not the case with the Vintage Kenwood Food Mixer!! These can in most cases, be 100% successfully, given many more years new use.

These machines are easy to repair and recondition to a professional and if this work is carried out by a professional, meaning an organisation or business that concentrates on nothing else but, they could be good for another 10, 20 years and they will still possibly be repairable after that.

Cost effectiveness could depend on sentimentality and personal preference. These machines were designed, manufactured and assembled in the UK.

The machines that have been sent into the workshop for repair because they have been purchased as working and aren't functioning correctly are numerous. Conversations are held regularly.

For the machine to be functioning correctly and fit for it's purpose, it must have the following.

Undamaged motor components. If it smokes under load, it needs repairing.

Rotation on the planetary hub. If it doesn't rotate, it needs repairing.

Base feet, good ones. If it doesn't, it may burn out under load. Repairable but could be avoidable.

A compliant power lead and plug rated both cable and fuse at 6 amps and 5 amps respectively.

It should run at all speeds from min to max. If it doesn't, it may need attention.

Be careful when purchasing secondhand machines. Avoid 'for spares or repairs' unless you are considering either reconditioning yourself or having the machine reconditioned or you could be disappointed. Seller Refurbished doesn't always mean fully refurbished and without being tested, it could be deemed as unsafe. Beware of sellers that appear to be 'Harry halfjobs' Most seller refurbished will come with little or no warranty and this can be concerning and questionable whether you should purchase or not, a used appliance for immediate use. With Kenmix Engineering, you receive a 3 year warranty, depending upon level of service and a 12 month portable appliance test as standard. It can sometimes be more cost effective to purchase a used appliance, have it restored with a good warranty, rather than buy a new one.

Try to avoid purchasing a machine without tools or a bowl. The machine should have at least a whisk and a 'K' Beater and a bowl. Anything other than this and the above specs, could cost more money than is budgeted for. Price guidances for secondhand / used machines are difficult but there is a limit one should spend on a risk.

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Repair kits are no longer available for sale. These can be easily sourced by visiting you will be guaranteed a quality service and excellent reliable quality components with fast shipping



The re-design and re-engineering of the a700a and a700b motor control board was completed in 2017 and has been a total success. This design is patent pending and is a Kenmix Engineering design.

The wiring and components on these models more often than not, will be tired, with cracked or brittle wire sheathing, exhausted or blown components and by todays standards, could be deemed unsafe. All existing components will be replaced and the field coil rewired.

There are repair kits available for these machines but unless you have well above basic electronic and soldering skills, this could be an unwelcome task.

Kenmix Engineerings reconditioning of these motors offers a newly developed circuitry and a 3 year warranty and if the motor is sent in still attached to the appliance, the appliance will also be PATested.

Please ask for more details

Gearbox Re-development

The Kenwood Chefs 701, 702, 703 and Major 707 and 717c gearboxes have a clutch mechanism and sometimes within the gearbox, a plastic pinion drive gear.

This particular gear can sometimes fail and will completely shut down your machine. Extensive research with another company has brought a virtually bomb proof re-designed and re-engineered gearbox which involves removing the clutch gear and linkage and will bring your machine up to current day design used from the 901 models, right up to the brand new machines. The gears used are stronger, giving more torgue and reliability and are helical which will quieten the gearbox considerably.



The a701 gearboxes vary depending upon date/year of manufacture and are more often than not, easy to determine. If the gearbox belt drive pulley is plastic, the pinion gear is almost certainly aluminium. If the gearbox belt drive pulley is aluminium, then the pinion gear is almost certainly plastic.

If your machine has grey or powder blue bakelite parts, it is almost certain that the planetary hub gear and pinion gears are plastic.


Please ask for more details.

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